PIR & PTZ Integration

By Jake Withecombe
Wireless PIRs can increase your site coverage
PIR & PTZ Integration

One of the traditional problems with PTZ cameras, when used for security, is that it is only ever looking in one direction at any point in time. This often means that the camera is left in the wrong position when an event happens.

One way to overcome this is a guard tour of your site, this is when it moves from one pre-saved location to another on a tour to cover your whole site. Giraffe CCTV takes this to another level integrating both wired and wireless PIR detectors. When a PIR detector is triggered this can automatically trigger a preset position and the camera will move to this location.

This means your tower can be monitoring a larger area and only move to a location where motion is detected. One tower can now cover a much larger area with a few Genesis Wireless PIR detectors.

To set this up really is easy.

On the Device Settings page click on your Tower Settings. Then click on the PIR tab.

Once on this page, you will see the Wireless PIRs (if you have any connected) and below that the Wired PIR detectors.

Simply select the action you would like the PIR to take (Notify only, set off Alarm Level 1 or 2) then the camera you would like it to move and where you would like it to move to. For more information on how to set up preset positions please click here

PTZ integration

The tower will only trigger these presets when the tower is in the “Armed” state.

This can become really powerful when you trigger a PTZ preset in conjunction with the AI detection. If you have 2 entrances you can cover both with a single tower. You could have 2 wireless PIR detectors on each gate. When someone walks through that gate when the tower is armed your tower can take automated actions:

  1. The camera can swing to this location.
  2. The AI detection will pick up a person or vehicle
  3. This will set off an alarm, send you/your ARC a notification
  4. This will also be recorded in the event history page.

Suddenly your tower isn’t just recording your site it is protecting it without any assitance.

You can only trigger the preset positions of the tower your wireless sensors are connected to.

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