Mobile Security Unit

Creating or sourcing exceptional mobile security solutions is not simple; many have tried. With this in mind, we have created the perfect mobile security unit, so you don’t have to.

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Standard Unit

  • 2 x Bullet Cameras
  • 1 x PTZ Camera
  • Floodlights
  • Strobe Lights
  • Speakers
  • 5 Hour Battery Backup
Standard MSU

Modular Unit

  • 3 Bullet Cameras
  • 2 PTZ Cameras
  • 2 Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • IR Illuminators
  • Floodlights
Standard MSU

Our mobile security unit is designed and created for the global security industry where rapid deployment and high specification is demanded by customers.

The MSU is brilliantly designed and is based around our Edge Controller which connects it to our enterprise ready cloud management platform.

  • Incredibly capable
  • Rugged and robust
  • Surprisingly affordable

Software and hardware, designed and created in Europe.

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We want to create exceptional mobile security solutions so you can focus on being a great security business.

With Giraffe, you are able to configure PTZ presets and PIR sensors, set up schedules, configure the network connection and setup the AI without having to go through a complex process.

You can easily reboot or reset a camera, investigate connectivity problems or check power consumption remotely without having to send an engineer to site.

With the web or mobile app, you can easily view the cameras live, watch recorded footage, review alerts or talk live to the tower through the speakers

With Giraffe, you can configure exactly which events you are alerted on. If you only care about people being detected after 6PM, you can do that. If you want the floodlights to come on from 8PM until midnight on a schedule, you can do that too.

You will also get automatic alerts for serious issues affecting the health of the Edge Controller such as a low battery or temperature alerts.

Giraffe believe that Active Threat Deterrence is the best way of preventing crime on remote, unmanned sites.

Active Threat Deterrence means that the CCTV system will automatically try to defend your property using the floodlights, strobe lights and speakers without a human operator being involved.

The benefit of Active Threat Deterrence is that it can react almost instantly, much faster than a human in an Alarm Receiving Centre. If an intruder is spotted early by the AI and immediately deterred by the floodlights and an automated announcement, they are much less likely to enter the property.

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The Giraffe MSU is designed to be genuinely mobile. It can be installed in minutes and all setup can be done remotely.

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The universal mounting bracket is suitable for wall or pole installation. It can simply be screwed to a wall or attached to a pole with clamps.

The MSU can also easily be mounted to a skid unit, trailer or deployable tower / mast with no modifications.

A large battery backup can be connected to the 12V input to allow the unit to run without mains electricity.

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Install the lightweight universal mounting bracket and plug in the power cable. Switch it on and lock the door.

That's all there is to installing a Giraffe MSU.

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We don’t think that great AI should be an extra cost. We think it should be a standard tool in the mobile security toolkit.

Our analytics are done on the Edge Controller, using a Google Coral machine learning processor. This means they are not reliant on the internet, and drastically reduces the amount of mobile data used.

The AI is tied in with our Active Threat Deterrence, which means many potential intrusions are deterred instantly, before they become a problem requiring an operator to intervene.

With Giraffe software and our Edge Controllers, you can view and operate cameras live, view recordings, communicate with the site through the on-board speakers, set up auto alerts, manage the power system and respond to alerts.

You can do all this through a single cloud based platform, that can have multiple users, managed permisisons and complete audit logs.

Your IT department will be delighted.

Our cloud software is continually improved and automatically updated without any operator intervention.

This means you always have a secure system, patched for all the latest vulnerabilities without any effort on your behalf.


Power Options

The Giraffe MSU has flexible power options, and is backed up by an internal battery with up to 10 hours life.

Available power options are:

  • 110/230V with internal transformer
  • 110/230V with external transformer
  • 12V DC input (for external power bank)
  • Solar (integration with Victron MPPT chargers)

The Giraffe MSU is designed to be simple, universal and very reliable.

Solar Powered Systems

Giraffe's Edge Controller has a deep integration with Victron solar chargers. We have directly integrated with the VE.Direct protocol, meaning no extra hardware is required.

The MSU monitors the data coming from the Victron devices using a serial connection. It then displays it in real time on the system status page. You can see exactly how much power is being generated, the state of the batteries and how much power the MSU is using.

The system will also archive the data to the cloud, allowing you to review graphs and charts, historically. This is critical for remote troubleshooting and diagnosing problems with systems.

Just connect the Victron devices via the VE.Direct ports. It is that simple!

tower power

Alarm Receiving Centres

The Giraffe software can integrate with all major Alarm Receiving Center software. If we haven't already got an integration, we can easily build a new one.

We can also integrate with Calipsa where required.


Customisation & Flexibility

We are able to customise our MSUs as required to meet your requirements. Whether you want a different colour or a radar scanner, we are happy to work with you to find a solution.

Since we have full control over the software and have a vast amount of software development experience in house, we can also create bespoke software features as required.

If you need to integrate an antiquated alarm system, or want to create a custom artificial intelligence feature for a customer, let's talk!