Rethinking rapidly deployable CCTV systems.

Cost effective mobile security units and state of the art cloud-based management software for the global security industry.

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    Works Out Of The Box

    A deployable CCTV system should be usable from the moment the customer receives it. It shouldn’t need complex setup or configuration.

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    Cloud Based

    The software should be easy and intuitive to use with no training. There should be one login and one portal for everything.

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    Safe & Secure

    Giraffe dispenses with port forwarding and static IPs. Giraffe has built in 2 factor authentication and GSuite / Office365 login. Giraffe systems are secure by default.

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    Active Threat Deterrence

    A deployable CCTV system should be able to actively detect and fend off threats. A passive system that relies on a human operator to intervene is fraught with delays and inefficiency. Let your systems take the strain.

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Why Giraffe?

Who else is out there with the same mission as us?

We are a remote CCTV focused, UK based tech company with a long history working with IP cameras and off grid systems. We are specialists in what we do.

No more crude workarounds, no more amateur ‘integrations’, no more frustration and hassle. Just a well thought through product that works straight out of the box.

That is what makes us different.

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