What makes Giraffe different?

Because it is simply better by design.

giraffe-look giraffe-look

Why move to the cloud?

Cloud based VMS (video management system) will transform the management
and use of CCTV; it is simpler for both end user and installer

  • Complex remote support using VPN or Teamviewer
  • High cost site visits. No self-healing capability; no automatic status updates to user
  • Complex manual setup with the need to configure all individual devices
  • Port forwarding - the most common way CCTV cameras are hacked
  • Simple remote support and diagnostics from anywhere with no onsite visit
  • Self healing; automatic status updates to user
  • Simple access with email address and password, one off set-up
  • Dashboard for site, permission and team management. All cameras/all sites in one place; simple user permissions

Security advantages?

Legacy CCTV systems are vulnerable and often insecure when
not set up correctly

  • Port forwarding - the most common way CCTV cameras are hacked
  • Built in “back doors” from camera manufacturers
  • No audit logging or permission system
  • No updates - becomes outdated and a big security risk in the future
  • No two-factor authentication or federated logins.
  • Secure remote viewing over encrypted tunnels
  • Firewalled cameras meaning no direct access
  • Audit logs of who logged in and what they did and when as well as tower events. Granular user permissions
  • Automatic remote software updates - new features and always secure
  • Two factor authentication and federated login systems for additional security

Intuitive software

The Giraffe platform is easy to use - whether you are a security guard or the system administrator

  • Awkward and unreliable cloud / offsite backups
  • Clunky, poorly developed web interface.
  • Slow to load, high latency, requires browser plugins or unsupported Windows software
  • Confusing, unsupported mobile apps
  • Complex integration with alarm receiving centres
  • Easy offsite backups and replication
  • Intuitive web and mobile apps designed for modern devices
  • Low latency live view using WebRTC. Minimal background bandwidth usage. Performance over slow connections
  • Intuitive design, no training required. Plug and play
  • Seamless transition from web app to mobile apps
  • One click integration with monitoring centers or self monitor

Benefits for deployable systems

Giraffe VMS is specifically designed for the deployable CCTV market

  • Awkward integration with floodlights, siren, strobe, audio
  • Power hungry and inefficient
  • No monitoring of the deployable system; just the camera
  • Training requirement
  • Different apps for battery, GPS and network connection monitoring
  • Difficult to integrate other systems - often ends with different apps for different components
  • Easy offsite backups and replication
  • Intuitive controls designed for deployable sytems
  • Optimised for low power usage. Shutdown unused features
  • Monitor everything in your deployable system - alarms, door status, mains power etc
  • Integrated battery management, GPS and network monitoring
  • Easy integration with Genesis PIR, Victron Ve.Direct and Efoy fuel cells.

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