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by Giraffe logo The Edge Controller is a custom designed printed circuit board (PCB) carrying the Giraffe cloud based operating software, capable of simple fitting into new and existing towers and mobile security units.

Why move to the cloud? Cloud based VMS (video management systems) transforms the management and use of mobile CCTV; simple for both end user and installer.

State of the art, cloud based operating software mated with a custom printed circuit board. Together, they are the Giraffe Edge Controller.

It is the technology at the heart of the Giraffe Mobile Security Unit and there is nothing else like it on the market.

The key features of the Giraffe Edge Controller are:

  • Simple dashboard for system operation
  • Remote support, configuration and diagnostics
  • Team, site and user permission management
  • No static IPs required
  • Audit logs of events
  • Automatic remote software updates
  • Two factor authentication and federated login
  • And so much more – click here for the comparison with legacy software
  • Giraffe’s mobile security solutions will transform your customer experience.
edge controller

Just show me the demo

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Giraffe Edge Controller
Total Software Integration Into Security Towers

Designed and created in the UK, our solution comprises of two elements – the Edge Controller and our cloud based software

Simply integrate the Edge Controller into your build and the software will allow you to intuitively view and control the tower accessories through the web or mobile apps. The standard configurations come set up to connect and operate with any combination of the following:

  • Cameras
  • PIRs - both wired or wireless
  • Speakers
  • Sirens
  • Strobe Lights
  • Floodlights
  • Tamper/door sensors
  • Victron solar chargers

What is the Giraffe

The Giraffe platform is much more than just a VMS (video management system).

The Giraffe Platform is an easy-to-use cloud based remote CCTV management system capable of being operated from any internet enabled device without any training or experience.

From a single dashboard, you can view all your cameras, be alerted to any intrusions and see the overall health of your deployable CCTV system.

We believe your deployable CCTV system should be easy to setup, control and manage and that is exactly what the Giraffe Platform allows you to do.

  • cloud
    Cloud Based Software

    Manage all your towers from a single login.

  • easy to use
    Easy To Use

    No configuration or training necessary.

  • ai
    Artificial Intelligence

    AI processing done at the ‘edge', built into the Edge Controller.

  • secure
    Safe & Secure

    User permissions, 2-factor authentication and SSL security.

Not convinced?

Click here to find out more about the differences when comparing to legacy software.

With Giraffe, you are able to configure PTZ presets and PIR sensors, set up schedules, configure the network connection and setup the AI without having to go through a complex process.

You can easily reboot or reset a camera, investigate connectivity problems or check power consumption remotely without having to send an engineer to site.

With the web or mobile app, you can easily view the cameras live, watch recorded footage, review alerts or talk live to the tower through the speakers

With Giraffe, you can configure exactly which events you are alerted on. If you only care about people being detected after 6PM, you can do that. If you want the floodlights to come on from 8PM until midnight on a schedule, you can do that too.

You will also get automatic alerts for serious issues affecting the health of the Edge Controller such as a low battery or temperature alerts.

Giraffe believe that Active Threat Deterrence is the best way of preventing crime on remote, unmanned sites.

Active Threat Deterrence means that the CCTV system will automatically try to defend your property using the floodlights, strobe lights and speakers without a human operator being involved.

The benefit of Active Threat Deterrence is that it can react almost instantly, much faster than a human in an Alarm Receiving Centre. If an intruder is spotted early by the AI and immediately deterred by the floodlights and an automated announcement, they are much less likely to enter the property.

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Hybrid Cloud Recording

The Giraffe Edge Controller has a state of the art hybrid recording platform built in. Not only can you view your cameras live but you can play them back and download any of the footage in HD from any internet connection in any internet browser

The footage is stored locally on the Edge Controller but is played back through the cloud giving you ultimate flexibility to view your recordings from anywhere without the cost of storing them in the cloud.

No longer do you have to wait hours trying to find an event. You can see tower events on the timeline and quickly review snapshots to drill down into exactly what happened and when.

security footage

Off the shelf AI in the camera is a second-best solution.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Are you fed up with false detections from your “AI”? There is no point getting hundreds of false detections as the one that matters will be missed.

Giraffe uses the powerful Google Coral processor and industry leading AI models to filter out almost all false alarms before they even get sent.

Using a proprietary tracking algorithm, we only send events for objects of interest when they move. You will not get false alerts for stationary cars or random objects.

security footage

Off the shelf AI in the camera is a second best solution.

Compared to your existing solution...

  • consumption

    Proactive, automated detection & deterrence

  • gear

    Total software & hardware integration

  • giraffe

    Experts in our field

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