Giraffe Hardware

Containing our brilliant Edge Controller

The prebuilt Giraffe control units make it easy for you to build a cutting edge CCTV tower.

Giraffe manufacture a range of pre-tested control units ready to drop into a mobile CCTV tower. The unit contains almost everything needed to run the tower, leaving you to connect the batteries, cameras and any accessories.

Our unit compresses all of the following into a single, small weatherproof box:

  • 4G router
  • Network video recorder
  • Battery charger & battery management system
  • Solar charge controller & monitoring system
  • Relays for controlling accessories
  • Fusing / isolator switches
  • Telemetry / remote access system
  • Artificial intelligence ‘black boxes’
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Are you fighting technology?

Bespoke builds for every customer?

Mains inverters wasting too much power?

Time consuming wiring harnesses and electrical enclosures to make?

Amateur looking wiring?

Struggling to get different systems to work together?

If any of these things sound familiar, we can help!

We will work with you to understand what you need and deliver a system that is ready for you to integrate into your tower builds.

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Total Software Integration

Designed and created in the UK, our solution comprises of two elements - the control unit installed inside the tower and our cloud based software platform.

You simply connect your cameras and accesories to the outputs on the control unit and you will be able to intuitively view an control everything through the web or mobile apps. The standard configurations will come wired ready to connect to any comnbination of the following:

  • Cameras
  • Hardwired PIR sensors
  • Genesis wireless PIR sensors
  • Speakers
  • Sirens
  • Strobes
  • Floodlights
  • Tamper / door sensors
  • Generators
  • EFOY Pro Fuel Cells
  • Victron Energy systems
  • Battery chargers
  • Lithium Batteries (JBD / LLT based BMSs)

Compared to your existing solution...

  • consumption

    Proactive, automated detection & deterrence

  • gear

    Total software & hardware integration

  • giraffe

    Experts in our field

I want something different

We are flexible in how we work with you.

If you want to purchase just our Edge controllers and build the rest yourself, with enough volume we can organise that.

Alternatively, if you need help with manufacturing wiring harnnesses or sourcing cameras from China, we can help with that too.

We have a deep understanding of the CCTV supply industry and can offer unbiased advice with no ulterior sales motives.

One thing is for certain - we have one of the best software platforms for managing mobile CCTV systems.

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Solar Powered Systems

We are experts in off grid CCTV systems and have a deep knowledge of Victron Energy products.

We have built a direct integration with Victron solar chargers and can offer full remote monitoring and confuration similar to Victron VRM, without any extra hardware, built directly into our platform.

We also have a lot of experience with lithium battery systems, and have our own LifePo4 batteries with full remote monitoring. We have a serial integration with JBD / Jiabaida / LLT based battery management systems.

And for those cloudy winter days, we can supply a tiny, 21kg, DC generator that can autostart and charge a lithium battery in just a couple of hours at 120 amps.


Just show me a demo

We'll send you a login to our platform so you can try it out with a live tower.

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Complete Tower Packages

Whilst we do not build complete towers ourselves, our product is a simple solution to the most time consuming and complex part of tower construction. So that makes it easy for us to provide ready to install kits for any manufacturers towers.

If you want us to lead the way, we can put you in touch with an assembly company that will work with us to deliver a finished product to your specification..

We can work with towers from PAR Group, Telescopic Mast, iFabs UK, Okaf Technology, GR Technics and many others.

Everything is possible - speak to us.

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