Alarm Configuration

By Jake Withecombe
Actively protecting your site
Alarm Configuration

The Giraffe CCTV platform allows you to monitor your site remotely but will also actively deter threats from your site before you (or your ARC) even have a chance to log in and see what is going on.

The Active Threat Detetant allows you to set off the floodlights, siren, strobe lights and even playback recorded messages without you doing anything. The first thing most people will do when they see a treat on site is set the alarm off by setting off the siren or speaking through the tower, but what if you don’t log in for 3-4 minutes. Time is key. As a result, you can configure these events to happen instantly and in this document, you will see how you can set them up.

The tower has 2 states:

  • Armed - This is when the automated actions will be actioned (when your site is vacant for example)
  • Disarmed - This is when the tower will not take automated actions (during the day for example when people are working)

Firstly you need to navigate to the Tower Settings page under the Manage Device Settings page on your ONVP dashboard. Once you are on the tower settings page you can locate the Alarm Config tab in the menu.

alarm configuration

Here you have 3 alarm levels:

  • Default alarm - This is the state the tower will go into when you arm the tower. For example, if you would like the strobe light to flash when the tower is armed.
  • Alarm Level 1 - These are the automated actions that will take place when a minor threat is detected.
  • Alarm Level 2 - These are the automated actions that will take place when a more severe threat is detected.

You can trigger these alarm levels with either object detection or using the PIR detectors. By clicking on the PIR tab you can see you can get the PIR to trigger an alarm level and also a preset position. For more information on the PIR → Preset integration please click here.

alarm configuration

Under the camera settings page, you can set whether a vehicle or person triggers Alarm Level 1 or 2.

alarm configuration

The combination of PIR detectors and object detection is really powerful. You can get the PIR to set off a 10-second alarm and trigger a preset position in that area. The camera will then spin round to that position and if a person is detected a full-scale alarm is raised before anyone has even had a chance to log in. The person will often leave the site with no further action needed.

You will have a full report of the actions on the Tower History page and recording from the tower to see the person leaving the site.

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